immagine di Luca Cervieri

I’m Luca Cervieri Tamiazzo and I was born in Milan, founding father on IF | INSANIAFILM.
I have always loved the visual arts and graphics in general; This passion comes from a great love of 70’s psychedelic music, and the graphical current that accompanied it at the time. At first I pursued scientific studies, I attended the Sciences of Architecture degree at the Politecnico of Milan, and specialised in 3D and design. Then I followed my ultimate passion and attended a two-year Master’s in 2D and 3D animation at the Academy of Digital Arts “Mohole”: I then formed my professional figure of ” visual designer “.

I make utter killer motion graphics, 3D visuals, logo animations, explainer vids, all skillfully done with a combination of After Effects , Resolum & alongside Photoshop, Indesign, Da Vinci Colore Resolve, Illustrator and Premiere and whatever else is to hand on Macs.

I’ve worked for several years in the field of communication: ADV, Events, Music Videos, Short Films and Feature Films.

During the last years, thanks to my collaboration with a couple of agency, I’ve had the opportunity to work for clients as: Google, ENI, Rolling Stones Magazine, Dub FX (Artist), Kyko (Artist), Salone del Mobile, Vogue, Garretti (Architects&Associates) Red Bull & many others..

This way I formed.
What’s next?

Nato a Milano, sono tra i fondatori di IF | INSANIAFILM. Ho sempre amato le arti visive e la grafica; ma anche la musica psichedelica anni 70 e la corrente grafica che l’accompagna. Ho frequentato la facoltà di Scienze della Architettura presso il Politecnico di Milano e specializzandomi in 3D e progettazione. Successivamente ho seguito la mia passione e ho frequentato un master di due anni in animazione 2D e 3D proprio qui alla Scuola Mohole: perfezionando quindi la mia figura professionale di “Visual Designer”. Amo la motion graphics e mi occupo di visualizzazioni 3D, animazioni 2D e 3D e post produzione. Uso After Effects, Resolum, Photoshop, Indesign, Da Vinci Colore Resolve, Illustrator e Premiere. Ho lavorato per diversi anni nel campo della comunicazione: ADV, eventi, video musicali, cortometraggi e lungometraggi. Negli ultimi anni ho lavorato per i clienti come: SKY ARTE, Timberland, KFC, Google, ENI, Rolling Stones Magazine, Dub FX (Artista), Kyko (Artista), Salone del Mobile, Vogue, Garretti (Architects & Associates) Red Bull e molti altri.




VISUAL TEACHER : MOHOLE (www.scuola.mohole.it)